First post!

Hi everybody! I’m Mouse, and my friend Hama and I are going to be writing this blog together. We’re Ryups, which means we practice logical debate (or ongku, as we call it) to solve problems and attain knowledge. We’re not the only Ryups, but our little group of us did create the term. Not that there is anything original about our beliefs or practices, anything we know has already been practiced for thousands of years by various groups – we’d essentially be Buddhists if we didn’t believe Nibbana wasn’t the only goal. That’s part of the reason behind our blog, to comment on philosophy. The other is to practice our primitive skills, and hopefully meet other people with similiar interests so we can teach one another!

Hama will be coming by later to post an introductory post of his own.


2 thoughts on “First post!

  1. Hello everyone, I am Hama henceforth civilsavage, I hope we can all collaborate in efforts to ensure our own survival. I shall post a longer more thorough introduction later.

  2. Hey Mouse and Hama, glad you found me so I could find you back. I’m looking forward to seeing more. I don’t spend as much time on the internet as some as it is a rabbit hole of knowledge and there is just too much to do outside, despite the heat. Keep it up,

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