We are currently a very small group. This is an issue only in that we have a concept we call “Ngaral” or ‘society’ that refers to the minimum number of entities nessessary for the survival of that minimum number of entities. So for a hypothetical hunter-gatherer in Maine, that would include not only the other members of their village, but all of the deer and cattails their village relies on, and all of the lichen the deer rely on and all the bacterica nessessary for the cattail’s healthy marsh. Thus to a Ryup, even the lichen must be treated with as much respect as another human. And not respect as a resources or as livestock, but as another individual trying to survive.

     The Ryups started as a small group of friends in highschool. Over the years we have had several dozen people involved, but almost all of them have gone on to do other things and now there’s only a half dozen of us. This is far too small an amount to maintain a culture, both sociologically and ecologically. So if we want our culture to survive into the future, we need more people. Unfortunantly (or fortunantly, from another point of view), we are strongly against converting people. That leaves us with finding other people who already believe what we do and who already want the same things we want. That’s the point of this blog. To get the word out, so that those few people who share our ideals might know we exist, and seek us out. Not to change anyone’s mind, not to try and convince anyone of our beliefs. Just to explain what we do and why we do it, and hopefully find others who agree.



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