Had a kid born yesterday. She’s my first 4th generation goat. Very healthy, I’ve always had good luck with kids born in the Summer and terrible luck with kids born in the Winter. My goal is to breed goats well adapted to this environment, since I don’t believe in keeping animals (or any other organism, for that matter) that are incapable of surviving on their own. To do so is to dishonour them. Sometimes, a baby goat is born with such flaccid tendons it can’t stand up to nurse from its mother. This almost always clears up within a day or two. These baby goats would naturally die, but most farmers bottle feed them until they’re capable of supporting themselves. This is a dishonour to their descendants. Those goats will go on to pass on those genes, and their children will be dependent upon humans for survival.

It was really hard to get that picture of her, she was moving around so much most of the pictures came out like this:



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