What is a Ryup?

The core, and perhaps only, belief of a Ryup is Ongku, or ‘debate’. A Ryup is just a person who applies Ongku, which means many things in practice. We believe in using logical debate to solve problems and learn about the universe. We believe strongly that any two people with the same goals and access to the same knowledge, would always come to the same conclusions when using logic. Our system of logic (we call Kolkam), isn’t the exact same as Mathematical logic, though. The primary differences are our introduction of the concepts of Mu and Xuilte, but I’ll cover those in another essay.

In order for a person to be debatable, they must have a Noble Goal. In order to have a Noble Goal they must pass a right of passage, which involves logically working out one’s noble goal from nothingness before another Ryup who can verify the logic used was sound. There’s a wide variety of Noble Goals, and Ryup beliefs are different from most philosophical systems in that there are multiple objective truths. The only other system I know of that does this is Hinduism, with it’s four goals of Dharma, Moksha, Artha, and Kama. (which it so happens correspond rather well to some of our ideas on Noble Goals.)

In this manner, a Ryup is similiar to a Buddhist. According to Buddhism, Dharma and the middle path are always there, a Buddhist is just a person who choses to follow the middle path. According to Ryup beliefs, Kolkam and Ongku are always there, Ryups are just those who use Ongku to attain a Noble Goal. We believe Nibbana is one such Noble Goal, and the Middle path as outlined by the Buddha is the proper way to attain it, but we don’t believe it’s the only goal.


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