These guys dont seem to have seen Jurassic Park

These guys haven’t seem to have seen Jurassic Park



After reading this article I am reminded of the movie Jurassic Park.  The novel by Michel Crichton (and to some extent the movie directed by Spielberg)  try to show an interesting interplay between nature and complex networks. What these scientists don’t seem to understand is that there are balances not only in the networks of nature (ecology) but of those of mankind(e.g. food networks,  socio-politico networks, comm networks, ect) .  These networks extend beyond any degree of control that appears to exist within the scope of the GM lab. In fact, a very property of large complex systems (like the one that exists in the universe where this lab resides ) is that there are some variables that are impossible to compensate for.  The book does a great job at illustrating how these variables can attempted to corrected for but ultimately they compound upon themselves.  It is certainly worth a read even if you are familiar with the movie.  Although, I doesn’t appear that these fish will have the same impact as the “dinosaur” monsters created in the book , but it is certain that some degree of oversight has occurred within this laboratory.


One thought on “These guys dont seem to have seen Jurassic Park

  1. Just a note of clarification, I do not mean to be so grandiose and abstract when referring to human systems that are at work here. In this instance there are several human systems that are stressed for continued success at keeping these fish from being a nuisance. For example, there must be qualified staff with a knowledge of fish handling to ensure these fish are somehow kept from being accidentally placed into a natural body of water. The compound itself must be isolated completely from any sort of accidental introduction, and there must be some form of security to prevent any sort of malevolents from introducing these fish. Lastly, I would like to point out that the researchers in the article try to point out that their discovery mitigates any sort of natural upset by claiming that these fish are sterile and that the matings are isolated and uncommon in the wild. This however is hardly near confirmed by any sort of empirical data, and the havoc that could be wrought may be much larger than these researchers could anticipate. I just wanted to try to point out the systematic issues at play here a little further and more clearly.

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