What is the meaning of life?

There is no teological purpose intrinsic to logic. Everyone can still accept the same facts about the universe and still derive different ethical principles because their values are different. So the question becomes ‘what is valueable?’ or ‘what ought one value?’ It is possible to work out from nothingness (pokua, as we call it) what things cannot be valueable, for example nihilism is not valueable because to reject the concept of value is valueless. But it is impossible to state that any one thing, asside from the concept of value itself, is valueable. So there are multiple Noble Goals, multiple sets of values that are equally valid since they are all logical and derived from nothingness and not self defeating.

My goal is Xuilte, so naturally I’m biased that Xuilte is the meaning of life, and here is my responce with that in mind.

Life is because if it didn’t live it wouldn’t exist. That is Xuilte. And it’s not a tautology. You can cease existing at any moment, any living thing can. But nothing can start existing, it is not an action nonexistent things can take because the ability to act is uniquely a property of existent things. So, by existing one has more potential than by not existing.

A cloud is not alive. Another cloud can be formed and be declared indistinguishable from that previous cloud. They could merge, seperate, disintigrate, or reform as many times as they would and never cease being the same thing. You can always start another fire, and it will stil be same same fire, not some seperate species of fire that will pass its traits down to and fire it progenates. Heretability, linneage, divataden. This is the important quality that distinguishes life.

For you or any other living organism alive today to be alive it means that all your ancestors up to the present must have lived atleast long enough to replicate. Any divataden (linneage) may (and if it continues surviving, will) diversify and change, but can also cease existing at any point and there will be no more descendents of that linneage. Therefore life is because if it didn’t live it wouldn’t be. Those that didn’t live cease to continue as linneages and have no descendents forever more.

This concept of divataden doesn’t just apply directly to offsprig, it can apply to anything that has the qualities of Xuilte. They must replicate and have heretibility and noncontinuation. Noncontinuation is an implication of heretibility, where something can’t simply spring into existence in that same form once more if it ceases existing. These conditions aply on many different series of processes, to genes, species, memes, cultures, perhaps efen to whole universes if the theory saying selection forcesmare an active part of universe creation is true.

But linneages alone aren’t enough. A single species cannot survive in a vaccuum. There must be other species for continued survival. Well, I suppose that’s not nessessarily true, there could be a theoretical planet so full of easy to process resources for life that a single archaea like species could flourish without the need for competition. This is how I often imagine the gods of Buddhist myhology, as some sort of simple crystal like bacteria completely lacking in wants in a world of plenty. But could any species really be said be alive if there were no selection pressures actig upon it? But that’s just idle speculation, because the concept of society, or ngaral, would still aplly in any case, it would just be much smaller.

Ngaral (society), this is the true concept that is important in the Noble goal of Xuilte. A ngaral is defined as the smallest group of units that is capable of survivig indefinantly. It is the deer a person eats, and the lichen the deer eat to make it through the Winter. To a Ryup, even the yeast in bread is just as much a part of their ngaral, and must be given the same consideration as any other life within it.



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