The primary course of action is to follow one’s noble goal
-having a noble goal means one is a Ryup and can be debated.
If there is conflict in doing so,
-the first solution is fleeing
-the second solution is debate
-the third solution is (theoretically) combat
Should one suffer a dishonour to debate, they are shunned should their behaviour effect another person.

A Ryup is one who follows debate.
To pactice debate one must have a Noble Goal.
To have a Noble Goal one must pass a rite of passage.

A Noble goal must have these qualities;
-Derived from nothingess
-Universally applicable
-Not self-defeating

A rite of passage is working out a Noble Goal from nothingness under supervision of someone who was passed a rite of passage to verify the soundness of the logic.
A rite of passage is nessessary for a person to participate in debate because it gives amperson a noble goal and holds them up to its standard of ethics and ensures theyhave an understanding of logic.

A debate proceeds by stating the conflict, stating the lesser goals, and stating the Noble Goals of the participants.
Then it proceeds by asking ‘why do I want this?’ And working backwards until common ground is reached, or until invariable values have been reached.
Then it proceeds by listing all the various methods of satisfying those values in the most vague manner possible, and slowly crossing out the ones which conflict between the participants or with other invariable values.
Then it proceeds in a fractal manner making the various methods more detailed until one or several mehods are reached that satisfy the goals.

This is essentially the same as my older post ‘What is a Ryup?’ I just thought it was more clear written this way.



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