Nothingness and the Seed

The concept I’m going to try to describe here is the pure void. It is impossible to actually describe such a concept in words since to give any definition to such a concept would be to abstract it, turn it into a ‘thing’ and it would no longer be the pure void. But you should be able to pick up on this concept I am talking about, even if it cannot be defined. Although I’d potentially say its inability to be defined is a definition, but then we’re breaking away from pokua, which is what I want to discuss here, and begining to talk about sama, which is another concept limited solely to that quality.

The existence of any thing is defined by its interaction with other objects. So an object that does not interact with any other object does not exist. Imagine a theoretical point outside of any universe, from its point of view nothing could interact with it, and therefore nothing would exist. This would be empty space, a vacuum, but still not quite the concept of void I’m trying to get at here. This hypothetical point, we call it pokua.

Our senses are imperfect. What we percieve is not a perfect reflection of reality. This applies on many levels. If the sun were to cease existing, we would continue percieving the sun existing for several minutes afterwards, simply because it would take several minutes for the light to travel here. This is the first level of imperfection, since we are not actually seeing the sun, but the light emited from it. The second level would be things like the blind spot in our eyes or how our brain drops the short second of blankness when we shift our eyes quickly or blink. The third level would be things like hallucinations, and with proper training (mostly meditation, because concentration works like a muscle, and meditation is no more than an excersize of concentration) its possible to conciously alter what we percieve. There are certain techniques whereby you can actually visualise an object just as well as if you were percieve an actual object, indistinguishable. What we percieve is not reality.provided our brains are functioning correctly, what we percieve is a model of reality, which is constantly updated with checks inputed by our senses. A good example of this is what happens when our model continues without the checks of the senses to guide it: we dream.

Senses are not something we can rely on to give us absolute truth. So in order to learn things that areabsolutely true, we have to reject the senses. Now we are left with only the void. Everything could be true or false, there is no value inherent to it, and nothing is proovable. We are back at that hypothetical point pokua. Except this time instead of everything being false, nonexistent, everything is indistinguishable from being true or false. Which is no different from eveything being false, because things can only have a truth value in relation to something else. If nothing is tall, how do we know something is short? If nothing exists, how would we be able to distinguish it from something that does exist? Everything being false is exactly he same as everything being true. Everything in this case is irrelevant, mu. There is no value.

But nothing cannot exist. It is impossible for there to be nothingness, the concept contradicts itself. There must be something in existence. So from any point of emptyness, something is always created. It doesn’t matter how, within any possible universe it is always impossible to know what happened before it. And there is always an outside beyond all universes, a point where nothing exists, from any such point will spring forh existence. This constant churning of creation is what we call pokua.

A pure void, where all things have equal value and the concept of truth or value is meaningless,is itself a meaningless concept. It is useless, it has no ‘ought’ to it. One cannot ask any question. There is no meaning, purpose, goal, what-have-you.

The essential question to a Ryup is something along the lines of ‘what should one do?’ or ‘what is valueable?’ It doesn’t really matter how you phrase it, the important part is that there is a question. And a question implies value. There must be some answer, some thing to be valueable, it is useless to presume there is no value. This basic assumption that there is value is the most basic premise from which all Ryup thought stems, that is why we call it the seed. We also call it the will, since value is a moving condition. Pokua may create, it may make random things appear, but they act because of the seed, because of will. Think of pokua like a bowl of water. Pokua as an act of creation would be tilting the bowl, creating an irregularity in the level of the water. But on itself, the level would be like a sculpture resting in the same place. It is only because forces like gravity exist that the water will seek to correct itself. The will is this force compelling movement to occur. And existence is synonymous with this movement. For without the interaction, the flowing back to level, things would be static and there would be no change. And that is what nonexistence is. Existence is not an object, or a property of an object, but a process.

 It is impossible to know this void, it is mu and irrevalent to the universe, but it is mutually indistinguishable the law ‘there must be something’. And that generation of things is the only effect this nothingness void has on our universe that is applicable within it. It isn’t a concious entity, it’s not a god, it’s not even an entity at all and it’s not a force like gravity. It is a fundamental law that must be true, for the same reasons as the anthropic principle. 

This principle is the rejection of irrelevance, when one rejects mu as a possible truth value for the concepts of existence and value themselves.
Someone once stated this to me in a way much better than I can ever phrase it, so I will quote him here: ” Any supposition that if adopted would render all choices valueless may as well be rejected because if all choices are valueless there is no point in distinguishing between choices, including the choice to reject the above supposition.” (He went by the name Pyrrite.)



2 thoughts on “Nothingness and the Seed

  1. is the goal of all that is being done to filter down to the pure seed of remove all contamination .to find where it all came from. the single thing eerything has attatched to the core of it all

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