The Tiers of Logic

Once the senses have been rejected as a source of knowledge, there is a limit to the amount of knowledge that can be learned with absolute certainty. This is because all knowledge that can be learned through logic would apply to any possible universe and pokua as a creative force is essentially random for all purposes from within any universe. This is why we call it the original irregularity of being. It is comparible to a seed used in random generators in computing. Beyond this basic absolute logical knowledge, there are several other sets of knowledge with various levels of certainty of truth. We call these distinct levels of certainty the tiers of logic.

-The first tier is that of the void, since that is certain beyond certainty. The void is always there, since you can always go one level beyond, one level outside, of any concept you are talking about. But it also grants no information, is inutile,
-The next tier is that of Kolkam, pure logic lacking any conception of perception.
-After that are the Noble Goals. Pure logic says that value exists, but there are multiple valid concepts that could equally be value, and there is no reason any particular one is better than another. So the Noble goals are another step down from the tier of Kolkam.
-Then is the tier of Sai, which means worldly knowledge. It is knowledge which derives from the senses. Knowledge of any universe in particular, since it is impossible to know about the workings of any specific universe except from within it. This tier also has the knowledge of how our own minds work.
-Lastly is the tier of thought and hypothetical knowledge, and imagination.


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