It occurs to me that to you reading this on a screen perhaps in a house in a town, working at a business or going college probably limited in daily interactions wih other species to that of a pet or two, that all this philosophy full of jargon must seem very abstract and not related to day to day life.

But to me sitting here on our village land beneath the cedar trees it’s all very much in action. I can see our philosophy before me. I see the firs and think of where they came from and of the other ones competing with them, the trees parents stretching back for generations and all the influences that must have gone into its life. I see my goats grazing and its effect on our habitat, and can see each year the places I’ve gathered in the daylily patches and how long it will take to replenish what I’ve taken. Right now in Spring I’m paying attention to the sarsaparilla and wild strawberry plants, which both spread by rhizomes and live in the same habitats, sprouting and fighting for one another over territory. And I’m watching the baby goat jump up and down on a stump, playing withnits mother.


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