I just got back from a course on canoeing at a local survival school. It was wicked fun, and I learned an awful lot, but it was so expensive there’s no way I’ll be able to go back any time soon. Poling canoes is real fun, I’m going to be doing allot of that on my own to get to some of the more remote gathering spots. The teacher also was willing to teach about survival skills not directly related to the course, like flintknapping. I found out there’s a source of chert nearby, too. There’s also a source of greenstone, which the local indians used to use to grind axe heads. Being able to make my own greenstone axe and chert knife will go a long ways towards being entirely self-sufficient. My most immediate project is to get a big bunch of birch bark though. That way I’ll be able to cover the wigwam I’m living in this Summer with that instead of the tarp I’m currently using. I had been using balsam fir boughs thatched over the roof, but they leaked in heavy rains, and recently the needles started falling out so I took them down and switched to the tarp.

After I went back home yesterday I went to go visit some friends and we decided to eat some junebugs, it was pretty delicious, but not nearly enough meat on them to make it worth it. May have been the way we cooked them though, since they sort of collapsed when we fried them. They tasted a bit like sardines.



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