Some poplar oyster (Pleurotus populinus) mushrooms I just found. This is the first time I’ve tried eating these, but it looks really good. As good as I may be with edible plants, I generally stay away from mushrooms. I stick to puffballs, inky caps, and honey mushrooms, and that’s about all of them I feel really comfortable with, so here’s hopefully adding another one to my repertoire. Going to cook it up for supper tonight.

It’s looking to be an exceptional year for most fruits. I see loads of hazelnuts ripening, and much more nannyberries and currants and hobbleberries than usual. Even the blueberry bushes seem loaded. Let’s hope we don’t get another extra dry August else they’ll all fall off before they’re ripe. I think the wild rice I planted is doing pretty good too. Oddly enough though, hardly anything in my garden is coming up.

I’ve been eating allot of cattail potatoes like I do each Spring when they’re in season. That’s what I call the starchy bit at the bottom of the shoot. I use it the same way I’d use a potato in soups and stirfries and such, and I don’t know if it actually has a name. Corm, maybe? Anyways, they’re good, I need to find a way to preserve them for year round use because they’d probably be my biggest staple that way.



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