Recent knitting projects

Baby boots for my friends’ recent babies.
Two halves of a pair of knitted underpants. The short wide section at the bottom is the part which wraps around the leg, the top long part is the sewn to the other half and goes on the torso. Extend the short wide section down a couple feet long and you’d have pants. They’re really surprisingly comfortable.
Just a little pouch I’d knit. Only took a couple minutes.
A baby blanket. The yellow is cattail pollen I accidentally spilled on it.
A tunic. I love these giant tunics, they’re wicked comfortable, and go down mid-thigh. I was really needing another shirt, I only had three and the one I’d knit out of cotton yarn kept breaking strands and running stitches up from the edges.

I did all of these in the past two weeks.

Also, the blanket all of these except the last picture are on is only half finish, I am knitting that right now. On my list of projects next I’ve got a hiking pack, a couple small cloths for sundrying fruits, some socks, a pair a pants for a friend, a hat for a friend, a pair of felt pants, a tunic for a friend, a couple little pouches and two large sacks for storage, a blanket, three gigantic pullovers, and that’s all I can think off off the top of my head but there’s probably more. Should take me till about the end of the year to finish all that. As of now the only pieces of clothing I wear that aren’t handmade are my boots (although I usually forgo shoes in the Summer entirely), some socks, and one pair of pants. If only I could figure out how to weave straw boots like the Chinese used to do.



The Many Ways to be a Ryup

A Ryup is simply a person who uses Ongku (debate), so there isn’t some sort of standard way a Ryup lives.

A Ryup community could take many forms.
-A single Ryup could live alone, but some goals are unattainable this way.
-Ryups could live in a village completely separate from the rest of the world.
-Ryups can live adapted to another way of life, practicing to the best of their abilities. (We call this semi-intergrated)
-Ryups could be widespread keeping in touch and trade long distance.
-Ryups couod be centered around monasteries.
-Ryups could live intermingled with another culture similiar to beig a religion perhaps even with a monastery acting similiar to a schooo or church.
-Ryups could be nomadic or live entirely wild in the woods.