Out gathering a few weeks ago when I saw a mouse moving her babies from one nest to another. Something must have discovered her old nest, probably one of my dogs. Well, I accidentally scared her and she dropped her baby and ran off, so I picked him up and took a picture. He looked a bit old to be being carried around by his mother still, but all he wanted to do was curl up in the folds of my shirt so I guess he was the right age. I put him back down and his mother came back not too long later to bring him back to their new nest.

Speaking of baby animals, I released that little leveret from a while back. She was getting really friendly, jumping up on top of me demanding that I pet her between the ears and such, but it wasn’t very practical trying to manage both her and the dogs in the little cabin all at once.

I tried making a little moose bone folding knife. The knife itself didn’t come out too bad, but it will not hold an edge for anything. Can’t carve wood with it, and can barely cut leather. I wonder if there’s a way to strengthen it, some sort of chemical I could treat it with. As of now it’s only good as a strigil.


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  1. A strigil would be useful if you’re doing a “sweat”. Would your bone knife be any good for scraping hides?

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