A Rite of Xuilte

There is something beyond everything, the All of the all that is, the all that isn’t, and the all that will never be, it is the outside, it is undefineable and unknowable. It is infinite and nothing, it breaks all rules and is the source of them all, it contains nothing, the lack of nothing, everything, and far beyond everything. It is irrevelant, and unapplicable to anything, yet it must exist. From any point, it appears empty. And at any point of emptyness, there is always creation. 

This is the seed of being, the only spontaneous force, the original irregularity of being. A disbalancing of perfect simplicity, void and potential. This uneveness will flow once more to level uniformity. 

This is the Will of the will to order, the will to live, and the will to know, the primal seed of action. Choiceless, it flows in but one direction. It is the rebalancing of the irregularity of being.

This is existance. All creation is irregular, a disbalancing. All existance is the flowing back to level. All existance eventually becomes even, and in such becomes again non-existant. This alone causes creation once more. 

There exists a cyclical nature. It is because if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be. This is the state of all being, the definition between the all that is and all that isn’t, and the beyond all that is and all that never will be. This is life. 

At the rejection of irrevelance is the separation of truth and false. This is the descent from the original irregularity of being, the beginning of logic. This is the limit of Knowledge. It is the beginning of perception, perspective, and fallibility. It is forever incomplete, yet never infinite. It is the source of truth and fiction. These are the tiers of knowledge. 

Therefore the Ryup, having Will and Knowledge, seeks purpose. Thus the Ryup values potential, simplicity, and adaptability. 

Valuing potential, and having Will, the Ryup continues to survive, and values society. 
Valuing simplicity and adaptability, the Ryup limits his reliances. 
Having Knowledge and valuing simplicity, the Ryup analyses his mind and actions and values honour. 
Valuing adaptability and having Will, the Ryup values knowledge. 
Having Knowledge, the Ryup knows emptyness. 
Valueing adaptability and potential, the Ryup cherishes his knife. 

Analysing his mind and actions and having Will, the Ryup practices ritual. 
Valuing adaptability and society, the Ryup uses only what is immediatly available. 
Unable to use what is immediatly available and valuing ritual and limiting his reliances, the Ryup does not use tools without knowing their origin. 
Valuing knowledge and society, the Ryup is honest. 
Seeking a purpose and valuing simplicity, the Ryup values purity. 
Knowing emptyness, having Knowledge, and seeking purpose, the Ryup acts without attachment, and does not act upon desire. 
Lacking purpose, a Ryup is content with the world. 
Analysing his mind and actions and valuing potential and knowledge, the Ryup values debate. 
Failing debate and valuing adaptability, the Ryup values self-determination. 
Failing self-determination and valuing potential, the Ryup values combat.