Recent Projects


I’m working away from home right now for tapping season. Hopefully when it finishes here it will be starting back home, though back there I’ll be tapping the birch since I don’t have enough large maples.


Last week I was down visiting my parents, and made a block of cheddar, a block of gouda, and a batch of soap. The cheese came out excellent.



The soap came out mediocre, I messed up the proportions and tried to fix it at the last moment by adding some more fat that wasn’t up to temperature, and ended up with a big thick layer of what I think is washing soda on the top. It definitely wasn’t lye. I shaved it off, don’t know how pure it is though. That’s what’s in the bowl there. I undoubtably got a bunch of soap powder shaved in there with it, I think that’s why it’s clumping together some.


Was out on a pond one day while they were having an ice fishing derby, someone caught this fish and was about to throw it back even though it was guthooked. I can’t believe it. I asked if I could have it and they said yeah, so it became lunch. Full of roe.


Someone near where I’m staying hit a deer, and they let me take the hide and organs in return for skinning it for them. I think it came out pretty well, that pelt.


I knit a little doll for my friend’s daughter. Honestly, it looks a bit creepy to me, haha.



Building my House


Just the process of how I built my house. Now, I’m not a very good carpenter and had no clue what I was doing, and I did use allot of materials like glass windows and plywood, and I did use a chainsaw for most of the cutting (I used a crosscut saw too…but back then I didn’t know how to properly sharpen it so it took a lot longer than it should have I realise now, haha), so it’s not entirely coherent with our beliefs. But like everything it’s a step closer and a work in progress.


Almost all cedar, cut 12 and 14 foot lengths. The interior of the cabin is 10 by 12.


Maine Aug - Sept 2011 001

Maine Aug - Sept 2011 005


This is what I was living in through the Summer while I was building my house. The actual cabin itself only took 14 days altogether to build, but they were spread across the whole Summer.

Maine Aug - Sept 2011 053

Maine Aug - Sept 2011 055

I didn’t do the roof in any way I’ve seen it done before, but it seemed like the most intuitive way to do it to me. It’s very strong and has held up well in any case. There’s a little loft two-thirds of the way across the inside that you can’t see in any of these pictures.


Maine Aug - Sept 2011 058


Some of the cedar shakes I was making. I tried so hard to make enough to cover the roof, but I was running out of time before Winter and really needed a roof, so I went with some plywood a neighbour had left over from a project of theirs they never ended up using and gave me. Between how twisted the cedar was (they logged all the best wood off the property before I got it) and how bad I am with a froe, they didn’t turn out too well. I still have the pile, I split it into kindling and use them for plates to eat off of and such. Ah well, I’ll count it as practice for next time.

24 Sept 2011 003

24 Sept 2011 041

And the inside. It still doesn’t look too much different from that in there, asside from the massive pile of books. I ended up building it for next to nothing compared to how much it usually costs to build a house except the cost of chainsaw gas, most of the materials that didn’t come from my land I got for free from other people. The windows came from the dump, all the 2×4’s I used in building it were excess from building my goat barn on the old property I lived at before this one, the stovepipe and a couple rolls of tarpaper came from a shed a friend of mine was tearing down, and my father had the fitting for the pipe to go through the roof. I did buy the plywood for the floor and the screws, though.

Next one I build will be ALL the right way, with nothing but an axe and materials all straight from the land. I’m away working to pay off my land right now, but when I get back I hope to finish building a wigwam I was working on and move in there instead.