Recent Projects


I’m working away from home right now for tapping season. Hopefully when it finishes here it will be starting back home, though back there I’ll be tapping the birch since I don’t have enough large maples.


Last week I was down visiting my parents, and made a block of cheddar, a block of gouda, and a batch of soap. The cheese came out excellent.



The soap came out mediocre, I messed up the proportions and tried to fix it at the last moment by adding some more fat that wasn’t up to temperature, and ended up with a big thick layer of what I think is washing soda on the top. It definitely wasn’t lye. I shaved it off, don’t know how pure it is though. That’s what’s in the bowl there. I undoubtably got a bunch of soap powder shaved in there with it, I think that’s why it’s clumping together some.


Was out on a pond one day while they were having an ice fishing derby, someone caught this fish and was about to throw it back even though it was guthooked. I can’t believe it. I asked if I could have it and they said yeah, so it became lunch. Full of roe.


Someone near where I’m staying hit a deer, and they let me take the hide and organs in return for skinning it for them. I think it came out pretty well, that pelt.


I knit a little doll for my friend’s daughter. Honestly, it looks a bit creepy to me, haha.



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